Environmental, Social and Governance Standards

In full alignment with our vision, Larkalis Organization develops, manages, and execute projects follow the best-in-class ESG – Environmental, Social, and Governance standards, measured by the adherence to the Equator Principles (www.equator-principles.com ), and deeply connected with our way of doing businesses.

Our code of ethics guideline our business principles supported by a solid compliance policy. for Sustainability MATTERS to Larkalis, and our organization outlines its ESG actions based on the responsible use of resources and its social relations.

• Environmental – Conservation of the natural world

– Climate change and carbon emissions

– Air and water pollution

– Biodiversity- Deforestation

– Energy efficiency

– Waste management

– Water scarcity

• Social – Consideration of People & Relationships

– Social inclusion and diversity

– Community relations 

– Employee engagement

– Human rights

• Governance – Standards of Governance

– Customer satisfaction

– Data protection and privacy 

– Board composition

– Audit Committee structure

– Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”) & UK Bribery Act (“UKBA”)  & EU Anti-Corruption  & Act Brazilian Anti-Corruption Act


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