Qala Capital, Sinomach and Larkalis signed an EPC Contract to build a greenfield refinery at Porto Romano Industrial Complex, Dürres/Albania, in July 2021.
The Project  is licensed to process up to 150.000 bpd of crude oil (7,5 million tons per year). The completion of the Project is forecasted during summer 2025.



Larkalis has a partnership with Cluster de Bioenergia S.A., to develop the project’s resumption. We are supporting the search for investors to consolidate the US$ 500 million project to be implemented in the Brazilian Midwest.


Three Biorefineries for ethanol production and power generation from sugar cane. Planning to include corn sourced ethanol to increase the vinasse biomethane and others production process.

Production of 14.1 MM ton of sugarcane and 1.2 billion liter of ethanol per year and electricity 270 MW. Forecasted corn ethanol production about 300 m3 / day and DDGS 230 T/day. Pillars: ESG Best Practices – Environmental Sustainability, Strong and impacting Social Mission, Corporate governance, Continuous Innovation Technologies. The inclusion of Anaerobic bio digestion of vinasse as the best technical solution for recycling the effluent, under economic and environmental terms by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases and avoiding its disposal with strong soil pollution. The resulting biogas will allow greater efficiency in direct burning in boilers or in the generation of electrical energy and the liquid effluent constitutes an excellent biofertilizer, rich in Potassium, Phosphorus and Nitrogen, with a potential increase in sugarcane productivity and relevant cost reduction. Biomethane resulting from the processing of biogas presents complete regulatory adequacy for the replacement of fossil fuel in vehicles and equipment of Biorefinery and allows its introduction in the natural gas pipeline network. The growing world demand for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and more low carbon scenario has stimulated the growth of Biomethane production.

Location – Barra do Garças – Mato Grosso State – Brazil.



Larkalis is currently supporting the Brazilian business group EBS based in Mossoró, in the Northeast in several projects with a focus on oil and gas in Brazilian territory, mainly in northeast of the country, providing services, operation and technology solutions for drilling.

EBS is qualified as operator B by the ANP and is always regularly active in the development of innovative solutions and investment opportunities, whether in the Oil and Gas or renewable energy areas. Actively participates in the PETROBRAS divestment program and in the ANP Auctions.

Its current operating portfolio has two onshore assets in the State of Sergipe: Tiger | Pdm

An asset in the state of Bahia: Sesmaria field

And in development, there are four onshore areas, in the Recôncavo Baiano:

Block 109 | Block 110 | Block 119 | Block 120 | Block 121

Currently are participating in Polo Potiguar divestment process that PETROBRAS is conducting with the support of JP Morgan, which includes assets in the state of RN, onshore, offshore, infrastructure and the Clara Camarão refinery. EBS, through its subsidiary PETROIL, was invited to the Potiguar process for its active presence in the Northeast and has been constantly invited to participate in other processes of PB’s divestment program. Larkalis has been working for the past two years as the EBS Group on various projects and has a consolidated relationship with a view to future projects, currently is supporting EBS in consolidating the proposal that was pre-selected by PETROBRAS for the final shortlist in the offer for Polo Potiguar. We are also supporting the identification of investors for assets in Operation/development, either through financing or equity for the campaigns planned for 2022.

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